Thursday Covid bulletin: one death, 545 recoveries

Thursday’s Covid bulletin continues with the kind of news that has seen authorities realise it is time to pull-back on restrictions. With the vaccination programme now going full speed ahead, today’s results showed there has been one death in the last 24-hours with Covid-19, 470 new cases detected (most of them in the north and Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo areas) and 545 ‘recoveries’ (people who no longer test positive for the virus). The active case count nationally is down to 23,733 people and all but 324 of these are either recovering under their own steam at home, or asymptomatic. The national Rt (transmission) number remains unchanged at 1, with the incidence rate at a low 66.5 infections per 100,000 (mainland), 69.3 with the archipelagos included.