Thumbs-down (yet again) for gay adoption

Three draft laws from opposition parties to legalise same-sex adoptions were turned down in the Portuguese parliament on Thursday (January 22), making it the fourth time this topic has been discussed, voted on and ultimately rejected.

The bids, presented by the Socialist Party (PS), Left Bloc (BE) and environmental party ‘Os Verdes’, were all rejected by an approximate 30-vote margin – but as the country’s largest Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual equality group ILGA said afterwards: “change is in air”.

As expected, all the CDS-PP MPs voted against changes the draft laws, while only seven members of PSD’s parliamentary bench voted in favour.

Although most Socialists gave the drafts the thumbs-up, three voted against and four abstained.

The Left Bloc, ‘Os Verdes’ and communist PCP were unanimously in favour of the proposed changes, as they always have been.

Speaking to Lusa news agency after the voting, president of ILGA, Paulo Côrte-Real, said he was optimistic that change was “just around the corner”.

The rejection of the draft laws was an “embarrassment for the PSD and CDS/PP”, he claimed, “because they now understand that there are no arguments that justify” the continuance of the current situation – a situation, he said, that is having an impact on many families.