Throughout the crises has been fitting removable pool security fences and Australian pool covers in the Algarve since 2008. Based in Albufeira – near the Salgados Golf course – their office has been open since 2002, running general house and rental property management, and trading under the umbrella of MacGregor Lda. Their CEO, Alistair MacGregor, has been in the region since 1964, having grow up and been schooled here, since his parents retired to the, then, idyllic and unspoilt Algarve.

But, things have changed since and we’re now a full tourist destination, circumstances permitting. Crises, world and local, come and go, the ones affecting the Algarve and Albufeira the most being the 1974 revolution, the Albufeira ‘para’/Cholera Typhus epidemic around 1980, the carbon monoxide deaths circa 1984, 9/11 in 2001 (and subsequent drop in world tourism), the 2008 financial crisis (ditto) and now COVID-19.

It remains to be seen how long this last one will last. However, on a positive note, we’re still the sunniest part of Europe, a safe destination, politically(ish!) stable, with a relatively low cost of living. The wine is plentiful and inexpensive and we will always be a major destination for holiday makers of all types.

MacGregor Lda and Poolsafe will continue to fit certified pool security fences and gates, focusing primarily and above all on child safety, especially in rental villas. They’re also exclusive agents for the only UV-resistant, pool covers with a 10-year pro-rata factory warranty, imported from Australia.

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