Through Lent to Easter Day      

By Margaret Brown

As we looked toward the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ during the Lenten weeks, it was also a time of hope in the promise of new life through the infinite sacrifice of God’s Son on our behalf.

The congregations of St. Vincent’s Church in Luz will remember this season for its spiritual involvement in a series of powerful services, ending with the last seven days of Holy Week.

From Maundy Thursday, when we recalled The Last Supper at which Christ washed the feet of his disciples and we, also, had our feet washed; how Jesus offered each man the bread and wine asking that they “Do this in remembrance of me”; then he gave them a new Commandment to “Love one another as I have loved you” before he walked to Gethsemane and his arrest.

Next day, Church members re-enacted the Passion of Christ as part of the Good Friday service. This was followed by “A Mass for Peace” by Karl Jenkins, most beautifully sung by the resident choir under the direction of John Dixon. 

That afternoon Father Haynes, with the youth Club and others walked the Stations of the Cross through the city of Lagos, to remember how Christ carried his own Cross on the route to Golgotha and his Crucifixion.

Sunday service was full of rejoicing and light, the Easter Candle lit as a symbol of the risen Christ, His presence with us there and for all eternity. Luz Church was completely filled, with an overflow of people on seats outside in the sunshine.

Afterwards, some of us went to a ‘Bring and Share’ meal with Father Haynes and his family, to relax, to give thanks and to enjoy a glass or two of wine with our friends.