Three teenagers shot in Loures; no fatalities

Incident sparked by gang rivalries

Hours after a bizarre shotgun massacre in Setúbal, another shooting took place in the Quinta do Mocho area of Loures, resulting in three young victims – none believed to be suffering life-threatening injuries.

The three are being treated in Lisbon’s Santa Maria Hospital. They are believed to be aged 19, 17 and 15.

Authorities believe this was “an episode of rivalry between Quinta do Mocho and Bairro da Quinta da Fonte” – both neighbourhoods known for gang-related problems.

Within minutes of the shooting being called in “a strong police presence” descended on the area – and a very bloody Sunday drew to a close.

Today, more has ‘come out’ about the earlier ‘massacre in Setúbal’. The trigger has moved on from this being a ‘discussion among pigeon fanciers’ to more a long-standing issue with three dogs owned by the alleged shooter who turned his shotgun on himself as PSP police arrived, and was among the four fatalities.

The drama claimed the lives of Alberto Almeida, 66, and Mário Lúcio Andorinha, 65 –  prominent members of the Setúbal Pigeon Fancying club. Both appear to have been at a coop preparing for the arrival of racing pigeons let loose in Cáceres, Spain. Their concern was that the three dogs owned by “a difficult man, known as Cesário”, who tended land close to the coop, might put the pigeons off their target. They had apparently broached this subject with Cesário in the past, and clearly the discussion had not gone down well.

Suffice it to say, this time, Cesário appears to have ‘snapped’ and gone on a killer rampage.

After killing the two pigeon fanciers, he went on to gun down a 47-year-old man who had nothing to do with the skirmish, a father-of-two who was “simply in the wrong place, at the wrong time”, watering his vegetables, says Correio da Manhã.

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