Papaia and Lex
Papaia and Lex

Three rescuing dogs: Lex, Papaia and Ginx

Mr. Tony Pass’s warming story of the conviviality of Elvis and Daisy (Resident, December 7) reminds me of the great relationship between my dogs, Lex and Ginx, who also came from that admirable band of rescuers known as Dogs of Portugal, or O Cantinho da Milú.

It was in early March 2017 that Lex, a six-year-old Labrador first crossed the threshold of my idyllic Casa do Cavaleiro situated in rolling countryside not far from historic Tomar.

He immediately began a tour of inspection which started with a swim in the ornamental pond alongside the koi carp followed by a chorus with the cockatiels and a bark at our neighbour’s cats. Then off he rushed to the lower quintal to anoint some of the orchard before enjoying another swim in the little lake with its assortment of fish, frogs, terrapins and birds including a passing mandarin duck and watching rabbits.

Following a welcome meal, he took 40 winks before giving us his approval by accepting a new collar with our address.

Ginx and Lex
Ginx and Lex

Lex immediately hit things off with our Papaia, a younger and smaller labrador, and a great family relationship blossomed until, in 2021, Papaia unaccountably died at the early age of eight leaving Lex forlorn and dejected.

However, the ever-resourceful Margarida of DofP came up with the brilliant suggestion of sending Ginx to stay with us, and this initially shy but later loving little girl swiftly became part of our daily life.

Here are pictures of Lex with Papaia on sentry duty and Lex with Ginx getting ready for ball games in the garden.

To know more about Dogs of Portugal or search for a new companion, visit where they can search for their new companions.

By Roberto Cavaleiro

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Roberto Cavaleiro first came to Portugal in 1982, acting as advisor to international investors. Current interests include animal welfare and writing opinion articles, especially with reference to environmental issues.

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