Three-pronged tourism initiative for Albufeira

ALBUFEIRA CÂMARA President, Desidério Jorge da Silva, was in Lisbon recently to present the government with detailed plans aimed at reinforcing and improving tourism in Albufeira.

In a meeting with Secretary of State for Tourism, Bernardo Trinidade, Desidério Silva emphasised Albufeira’s important role in the nation’s tourism sector and handed over three dossiers containing specific plans for the development of three initiatives, namely an Albufeira School of Tourism and Hotel Management, a Conference Centre, which will also contain a Museum of Tourism, and a scheme for a new riverside promenade linking Albufeira’s new marina with the beach of Praia do Peneco.

According to a spokesman for Albufeira Câmara, the Secretary of State received the dossiers with enthusiasm and stated that he would give serious consideration as to how central government could help in making the plans become reality.