“Three-month suspension and salary cut” for police officer who attacked father-of-two after football match

Filipe Silva, the PSP commander who brutally attacked a father and grandfather in front of two children after a football match in Guimarães, could face a three-month suspension and a 60% salary cut, reports Diário de Notícias.

The measures are suggested by the IGAI (the internal administration inspectorate), which is reported to have concluded its investigations into the incident that took place in May outside Guimarães stadium, shortly after the match that crowned Benfica national football champions.

The final decision, says DN, is now in the hands of the Ministry of Internal Administration, which has refused to comment.

Filipe Silva has remained at work since the incident, and fellow colleagues have asked why he should be suspended now if he has been carrying out his normal duties all this time.

“What I can’t understand is why he wasn’t suspended a month ago while the investigations were in place,” asked PSP commissioner and friend Henrique Figueiredo.

Many called for his resignation after seeing the video posted online that shows him brutally attacking a father and grandfather in front of two horrified children.

José Magalhães and his father always claimed that they were simply minding their own business outside the stadium, trying to give some water to Magalhães’ children who were dehydrated.

The PSP commander justified his attack saying that Magalhães spat in his face (see full story https://www.portugalresident.com/psp-decides-today-on-future-of-%E2%80%9Ctough-guy%E2%80%9D-who-attacked-father-and-grandfather)