Three lawsuits in two weeks for Jacko

An American promoter is challenging the legality of the O2 comeback concerts planned by Michael Jackson, alleging that the singer signed a contract last year preventing him from performing live until he had taken part in a Jackson reunion concert.

AllGood Entertainment Inc say a contract was signed with Jackson’s manager Frank DeLeno tying the prince of pop to a concert alongside his sister Janet and the Jackson Five, to take place in Texas on July 3 2010.

The one off concert, which would be broadcast over the internet on a pay per view basis, would earn Michael Jackson 30 million dollars according to AllGood Entertainment. “Thirty million for one show is unheard of, that is why we are so frustrated,” said a spokesman from the corporation.

Other lawsuits being filed against Jackson this month come from Raymone Bain, the former publicist of the singer who is suing for breach of contract while Ola Ray from the Thriller music video is demanding unpaid royalties.