Three Civil Protection chiefs cited in damning investigation into €48 million Kamov deal

The Kamov fire-fighting helicopter furore that saw the resignation last week of ANPC civil protection authority chief General Grave Pereira shows no signs of abating.

“New information” cited by Público suggests that two other ANPC bosses could be responsible for ‘turning a blind eye’ to no less than 99 “notorious failings” in the six heavy-duty choppers whose management and maintenance has seen the government sign catastrophic deals of over €48 million with private companies.

The failings meant that the helicopters were not fit to fly when the current deal with Everjets was signed in 2015.

This is a controversy that goes back years, and has seen PJ police search ANPC HQ and the Civil Protection fleet’s aerodrome at Ponte de Sor (coincidentally, the same aerodrome that has a flying school for pilots from all over the world).
At issue are suspicions of corruption, economic participation in business, falsification and prevarication.

According to Público, the two other “high-ranking” ANPC chiefs are the director responsible for the Kamov fleet and the ANPC director of services for air support.

Neither man is specifically named in the story which is now being repeated by other media sources as elsewhere Spain’s El Mundo has been lifting the lid on what it calls a southern European fire cartel that has been “paying bribes to politicians and officials since 1999 to guarantee contracts at inflated prices”.