Three Brits caught trying to scale Lisbon’s April 25 bridge

Three Brits are appearing in court in Lisbon today after being caught trying to scale the capital’s iconic April 25 bridge straddling the Tejo.

According to reports in today’s press, the trio were intent on climbing one of the bridge’s towers “to take photographs from the highest point”.

The suspension bridge commands incredible views over Lisbon and beyond, and the men – aged 22, 23 and 40 – apparently took advantage of the relative quiet of Sunday night to attempt their sortie.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã claims “they thought they wouldn’t be caught by police”.

But they were detected quickly by CCTV cameras and never in fact got anywhere near the top of their chosen tower.

Charged with the crime of “entering a place prohibited to the public”, the men are due to appear before magistrates at Campus de Justiça this morning, writes CM.

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