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Threatened Ospreys

OF THE species recovering at the Birds Recovery Centre, two Ospreys are causing the biggest concern for Daniel dos Santos.

He said these two birds are the last ones in Portugal. “Officially, we know the last nest of this species was destroyed in 2005 and the nesting process stopped in our country”, he explained.

The nearest country where the bird is nesting is Spain, where several of the birds are being surveyed and implanted with electronic chips in an effort to track them and to prevent extinction.

The young Ospreys at the Algarve’s centre arrived at the beginning of the year and Daniel dos Santos has already contacted the Algarve University, where Luis Palma, one of the most respected biologists in the region, is trying to organise a breeding programme, “because it’s too risky to release the birds at the moment”.

Budget limitations and lack of interest from the official authorities have made this project a very difficult challenge until now and private sponsoring may become the only solution for the Ospreys.

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