Threat of the lone pig.jpg

Threat of the lone pig

The only pig in Afghanistan has been quarantined after fears it may spread swine flu in the country.

The pig, at Kabul zoo, has been confined to a quarantine room at the zoo after visitors expressed concerns that it could be responsible for spreading a new strain of the disease.

In Muslim Afghanistan, pigs are considered to be irreligious and pork and pig products are banned because of this, leaving the only pig to be found in the country to be kept as a curiosity in Kabul zoo.

Visitors to the zoo appear unconcerned about the welfare of the pig and have stated that locking it away is “probably for the best”.

“Influenza is quite contagious and if it passes between people and animals then there is no need for the pig to be here,” said one zoo visitor.

There are no pig farms in Afghanistan and no direct flights between Kabul and Mexico.