Thousands visit first erotic fair

news: Thousands visit first erotic fair

LISBON’S FIRST international erotic and pornography fair, the Salão Internacional Erótico de Lisboa, attracted an estimated 80,000 curious spectators to the FIL exhibition centre, between Thursday and Monday last.

With 70 stands and more than 700 people dedicated to the sex profession, there were live strip shows, ‘hard core’ sex scenes and cabaret club pole dancing to tickle the fancy of the male visitors, who had paid 30 euros for an entry ticket.

Apart from the usual sex toys (with and without batteries), there were several stalls selling everything, from heterosexual and homosexual pornographic DVD films,

blow-up sex dolls to a ‘show your crown jewels’ parade for budding would-be male porn stars, where size definitely did matter!

All the erotic shows and stalls were on limits to photographers and journalists except the hard core scenes – I’ll leave it up to your imagination what went on there! – when they were kindly told to move away.

Also on hand was world-famous (so I’m told) Spanish porn actress Bibian Norai, who was willingly photographed in an array of provocative poses, with male visitors who queued up to hold her in their arms and get her autograph.

Interestingly enough, there were plenty of women – many wives! – browsing the sexy lingerie stands and buying sex toys that were greatly reduced in price, but not in size! Chris Graeme