Teachers protest
Today's protest in Lisbon saw thousands converge in Praça Marques de Pombal before a march to Praça do Comércio. Image: António Cotrim/ Lusa

Thousands take part in teachers protest in Lisbon

PM vows to create ‘new model’ for profession so that teachers no longer go from school-to-school

Thousands of teachers and non-teaching staff from across the country converged in Lisbon today for a mass demonstration called by S.T.O.P (the syndicate of all teachers). 

To the sound of drums and whistles, the teachers raised white handkerchiefs to bid “goodbye to the minister” displaying placards calling for ‘dignity for the profession’, for public schooling and for a better process for career advancement.

S.T.O.P maintains that education minister João Costa “does not want to negotiate” – but the prime minister, talking in Coimbra today, has said the government is totally focused on creating a new model for the teaching profession that will ensure teachers no longer have ‘precarity’, and the perennial horror of moving from school to school.

The only downside of the situation is that meetings with the government do not take place until next Wednesday and Friday – and thus school strikes and disruptions are set to continue into next week.

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