Thousands stranded in cars as suspect package closes Lisbon’s 25 Abril Bridge

A package discarded on Lisbon’s 25 de Abril suspension bridge caused chaos on Monday night. Thousands were stranded in cars while police investigated. Even trains were put on hold for two hours. But explosives experts discovered the package was nothing but a bag of clothes. Eye witnesses described the eerie quiet, as for once in the capital the characteristic metallic swoosh of vehicles using the bridge was absent.

Efforts now are on locating the man caught on CCTV cameras dumping the package. According to press reports, images were clear enough to identify him, his car and the fact that he was dropping the package very much on purpose.

PSP motorbikes were on the scene very quickly, stopping traffic in both directions. But because of the risk that the package could contain explosives, authorities closed down trains travelling between Lisbon and Almada – leaving thousands more passenger stranded in stations.

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