Thousands rally to help cancer victim

Around 2,000 people took part in a solidarity march in Quarteira in a bid to raise more money to help a 32-year-old Portuguese man suffering from stomach cancer to obtain the only treatment that could save his life.

In April last year, Paulo Herequechand was given six months to live after doctors diagnosed a rare and deadly tumour, but there is still hope that a clinic in Germany can cure him with innovative treatments.

The clinic has a 90% success rate but the cost of the newly-discovered vaccines is extremely expensive, each vaccine costing about €5,000, and the course of treatment in Germanyamounts to a total of around €50,000.

So far, €20,000 has been raisedand Paulo has been in the clinic since January 15 where his current condition is said to be stable.

Meanwhile, the initiative to raise more money, entitled “Eu Vou Vencer” (I am gonna win) continues.

Anybody interested to help can buy a T-shirt printed with the motto or transfer funds to NIB:

0007 0274 00055810000 41.

[email protected]