Thousands of seeds air-dropped over fire-devastated hillsides

Project “Semear Portugal” took to the skies yesterday (Wednesday) to drop thousands of seeds in areas of most difficult access, devastated during last summer’s forest fires.

The operation, supported by environmental NGOs and the ministry of agriculture, is planned in two phases: this first step where scrubland areas are ‘reseeded’ with wild grasses and grains in order to help ‘fix’ them before the onslaught of any rains and feed animals – particularly bees.

And the second phase involving the dropping of indigenous tree seeds using a Japanese balling technique that allows young plants to develop without falling prey to adverse weather conditions or animals.

The planes involved in Semear Portugal are ‘refuelling with seeds’ at Viseu aerodrome, and covering areas of five municipalities: Mangualde, Gouveia, Oliveira do Hospital, Nelas, Tondela and Seia.

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Photo: https://twitter.com/govpt