Thousands join CGTP demo in Lisbon demanding higher salaries

Thousands of people, including representatives from all Portugal’s police syndicates, joined the demonstration in Lisbon yesterday called by CGTP (the general confederation of Portuguese workers).

The rallying cry was for higher salaries and improved working conditions.

CGTP secretary general Isabel Camarinha accused the government of “joining hands with employers”, by allowing a “policy of low salaries” that has seen “an increase in precarity” across multiple sectors.

Addressing the rally, she said: “The PS government, by choice, has bypassed all major labour issues that are determining in our lives and refuses to restore rights stolen by the PSD/CDS (during the troika years)”.

As the country prepares to go to the polls, Ms Camarinha said it is time for policies that “value work and workers”.

The confederation has long been calling for a €90 pay increase across the board, a national minimum wage of €850 (a long way from the €705 that seems to be coming), a 35 hour week (with no salary reductions) and the ditching of various “harmful” clauses in labour legislation.

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