bags a better deal for passengers


regular low fare flights from Faro to

Bournemouth, Coventry and

Doncaster, has recently announced a

new baggage policy that gives customers

flexibility on how to use their

baggage allowance, whether it be in

the aircraft cabin or in the hold.

This comes at a time when many low

fare airlines are implementing policies to

make customers pay extra charges for

each item of baggage they put into the

hold of the aircraft.

The new policy, which came into effect

on April 24, recognises that passengers’

baggage needs are dependent upon the

duration of the trip and the reason for their

journey. With customer feedback showing

that over 92 per cent of people admit

that waiting at the baggage carousel is the

most stressful part of air travel, the increased

cabin baggage allowance, from bags a better deal for passengers

5kg to 10 kg, will enable many passengers

to carry their travel belongings in the

cabin, enabling them to quickly exit the

airport terminal and get on with their trip.

This flexible approach to luggage is

Thomsonfly’s next step in ensuring it offers

the most practical, cost effective and

enjoyable flying experience. The policy

gives each passenger a free baggage

allowance totalling 25kg, of which up to

10kg can be hand luggage if they desire.

In packing trials by Thomsonfly staff, it

was found that 10kg was more than adequate

baggage allowance for a break of

up to four days.

Jo Orgill, marketing

manager for Portugal and Spain, said: “We

recognise that we attract customers who

are travelling for very diverse reasons. For

example, someone on a weekend break to

Bournemouth may wish to carry only hand

baggage, which ensures a speedy exit from

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the airport and gives them maximum time

in the resort. However, someone going on

a two-week holiday to stay with family and

friends is more likely to need a suitcase

put in the aircraft hold.”

She continued: “The new policy offers

maximum flexibility and we don’t believe

customers should pay more for this service.

We also do not see why they should

be restricted to carrying 5kg of hand luggage

as long as the size of their bag

meets with the requirements and fits in

the overhead compartments.”

This new policy is in line with the regulations

set by the Department for Transport

for maximum dimensions of hand

baggage, which were issued three weeks

ago and which are due to come into force

by the summer.

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