This year we decided to surprise you. Welcome!

Opticians Visão Plus in Quarteira prides itself on routinely following all modern developments in optometry, associated technologies and new equipment related to the profession.

From the very beginning, Visão Plus has endeavoured to keep up to date and equipped with the latest eye testing and diagnostics equipment.

Owner and professional optometrist Juan El Khoury, a progressive lenses expert, said: “Nowadays, clinical optometry specialists have additional specialised training and more methods to make diagnosis, which means they have more information for patients than just a pair of glasses, which may not be enough if they suffer from a certain pathology.”

To photograph a client’s eye in detail, Visão Plus has a retinography machine, which allows abnormalities in the eye to be identified. “This is ideal to save patient time if they have a problem that requires diagnosis and specialist treatment,” said Juan.

Initial eye examinations at Visão Plus are given free to all clients.

A wide range of glasses are available in store, catering to all tastes, sizes and styles, plus all glasses are made specifically to meet the needs of a client’s personal prescription and lifestyle.

In addition, the team at Visão Plus is highly qualified and skilled, able to offer advice in all areas relevant to optometry, including the benefits of contact lenses.

Visão Plus is located along Av. Sá Carneiro (main avenue).

289 301 786