former health minister by Rodrigo Antunes
Absolutely not the moment for clarification! Image of a wide-eyed former health minister by Rodrigo Antunes/ Lusa

“This is not the moment to explain the twins’ controversy”

Every day that passes sees another surprise lurch in the groundhog day controversy of ‘strings that may have been pulled’ to treat two Brazilian babies with the most expensive drug in the world. Today, news media announced the inquiry into what had happened had been concluded, and the ‘only less than normal procedure’ had been the making of the twins’ hospital appointment by the then Secretary of State for Health António Lacerda Sales. Mr Lacerda Sales has since categorically denied that he ever did this – and now his superior of the time, former health minister Marta Temido has told journalists clamouring for some sense in this endless torture of ‘he said/ she said’ that “this is not the time to explain” what went on. The nation is to be held in agonising suspense long enough (possibly) to lose interest, or for Christmas to arrive …