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Thirteen moons

Anyone who enjoyed Cold Mountain will want to read Charles Frazier’s second novel, Thirteen Moons, now available at 12.50 euros.

At the age of 12, under the Wind Moon, Will is given a horse, a key, and a map, and sent alone into the Indian Nation to run a trading post as a bound boy. It is during this time that he grows into a man, learning, as he does, of the raw power it takes to create a life and to find a home.

In a card game with a white Indian named Featherstone, Will wins, for a brief moment, a mysterious girl named Claire and his passion and desire for her spans this novel. As Will’s destiny intertwines with the fate of the Cherokee Indians, including a Cherokee Chief named Bear, he learns how to fight and survive in the face of both nature and men. Will enters into the fight of his life and he will come to know the truth behind his belief that “only desire trumps time”.

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