Third Tagus bridge “not viable”

A third bridge crossing the Tagus River in Lisbon would be “impossible” at this stage, said the Secretary of State for Infrastructures, Transport and Communications.

Speaking at a council event in Barreiro, in the south margin of the river, Sérgio Monteiro said construction of ‘bridge number three’, “despite being pointed out as a vital investment by various municipalities”, would not be financially viable.
However, he said, the project may become a possibility in the future, when public funding isn’t so constrained.

“If the region (Barreiro) truly believes a third bridge is important, let’s hope future political forces in power will have the budget to make such a decision.”

He believes that, in the past, lack of good planning led to a waste of public funds, with some “well served” areas receiving more funding than other needy areas.

Barreiro Mayor Carlos Humberto reiterated the need for a third bridge between Barreiro and Lisbon. “Time will dictate this,” he said.