Third skydiver plunges to death in Algarve

Third skydiver plunges to death in Algarve (UPDATE)

Details are emerging of the tragic death this afternoon of skydiver number three at Portimão aerodrome.
The fated site, at Penina, Alvor, popular with jumpers, has seen three parachutists die in as many years.
Today’s death happened shortly after 1pm and details are still emerging. CMTV has simply said that the victim is a man, in his 40s, believed to have jumped at least 400 times. His body is reported to have come down in the area of Vale de Zorra. Reasons for the accident have yet to be ascertained, but it is highly likely that they had something to do with the high winds, CM reported.
A total of 13 rescue workers were called to the scene, including INEM, firefighters and GNR.
Today’s jumps appear to have also seen another skydiver injured, but details have yet to emerge as to what extent.
The municipal aerodrome is currently hosting the 2014 Spring Boogie Festival, bringing as many as 400 European skydivers to the Algarve.
It is an event designed to boost tourism in the low season.
Only last year, female skydiver Ana Peixoto lost her life jumping here, and the year before it was local resident and businessman Jonathon Wickham. Both victims were described at the time as seasoned skydivers.