Operation ‘Off Side’ targets country’s top football clubs and personalities

Third division clubs call for a meeting

According to reports in the newspaper O Jogo, the Club Commission of the Campeonato de Portugal (whose representatives of the 72 teams in the competition are Fafe, Vizela, Trofense, Espinho, Sertanense, Leiria, Sintrense, 1 de Dezembro, Amora and Olhanense) met by video-conference and decided to request a meeting with the Portuguese Football Federation to discuss the implications of the competition being suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

António Magalhães, spokesman for the commission, said that “support must be reinforced” considering that it will be impossible to finish the league programme as it was initially formatted.

If the Directorate-General for Health says that the peak of the pandemic will be in May – and we are not talking about the end of the pandemic – then it is impossible to complete the current format, even playing midweek in a competition that is mainly non-professional.