Third Arte Algarve opens

by EMMA BERTENSHAW [email protected]

A new large exhibition of art works is opening at the old ÚNICA Adega Cooperativa in Lagoa tomorrow (Saturday) at 3pm.

Exhibiting the works of 32 artists and featuring art of all types, Arte Algarve hopes to encourage integration of ideas, cultural expression and discussion of art open to all people.

Organisers Rolf Osang and Johanna Glökler both have previous experience running their own galleries and are passionate about making art accessible to everybody in the Algarve.

Their idea is to develop the location at the Adega Cooperativa as a central showcase for art and culture in the Algarve.

For six months now, the Adega has been the home for Arte Algarve, using a disused part of the old building which lends itself well both in atmosphere and size to events of this kind.

Art on show will include painting, sculpture and ceramics and showing work from people of different nationalities.

With a rich local artisanal history and many working artists currently resident in the region, they would like to encourage more organisations and people to come together in order to pool resources and to support one another in their creativity.

This, in turn, could lead to enterprising business ideas and much needed industry in the area.

Alongside the art there will also be live music and the opportunity to buy wine as well from the Arte Algarve shop.

For more information, please visit www.artealgarve.net.