Third Algarve Portimão Box Cup this weekend

Boxers from all over the world are on their way to Portimão to take part in the Algarve Box Cup, which will take place between Friday and Sunday (March 29-31) at the town’s Gimnodesportivo sports complex.

The boxing competition will feature national teams from Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde, Cana, Spain, Brazil, Sweden, England, Italy, Ireland, Malta, Poland and Nigeria, as well as the female national champions of France.

It will be divided into two events, the main one featuring eight teams consisting of six male and two female boxers and another that is open to all boxing weight categories for youngsters, men, women and seniors.

According to organisers, the winning team of the main event will receive a “€5,000 cheque” while the secondary event will “offer all athletes the opportunity to compete in the Algarve at an international level that we guarantee will be a positive and enriching experience.”

The event is organised by the Algarve Boxing Association in partnership with Portimão council and the Portimão Boxing School.

Tickets cost €5 for just one day or €10 for a three-day ticket. They can be purchased at the headquarters of the Algarve Boxing Association and Portimão Boxing School or at the venue on the day.