Think positively and achieve more

Have you ever felt that there is a gap between your ambitions and what you actually achieve in life? Or maybe you have a dream, but no idea of how to fulfil your goal? Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) claims to be a safe, easy and effective way to achieve the results you want in life. The Resident’s Sarah Howe went along for a session to find out more.

NLP… the name sounds daunting, but, broken into components, it explains exactly what’s involved in this psychological technique. Neuro – how we think. Linguistic – words and how we use them. Programming – how we act to achieve results, in other words, our goals.

Tracy Braun, an NLP practitioner based in the Algarve, explained that, along with coaching, NLP helps to build stronger confidence and self-image. “Positive emotions and beliefs will help true potential flow spontaneously, freely and easily. Negative thoughts only serve to hinder and, in extremes, completely ruin the chance of performing well, be it in sports activities, at work or even in daily activities,” she explained. “Fear, anxiety, self-doubt and anger all lead to limited and destructive patterns. A correct belief system and total consciousness of mind power bring harmony to the whole being.”

You can learn many practical skills – imagine being able to change the character of negative thoughts, redirecting existing non-productive patterns of attitude and eliminating doubts and misconceptions. You will learn how to improve goal setting, motivation and concentration, manage anxiety, negativity and stress, control emotional states and much more,” she explained. “Imagine how much easier your life will be!”

An initial session with Tracy involves identifying an issue, no matter how large or small, that could be resolved if approached from a different mental angle. The issue might be emotional, career or sports oriented, but the approach to all is similar. In simple terms, using a series of techniques and exercises, Tracy gradually alters the way your mind approaches the issue until it no longer seems to be an insurmountable obstacle, or unachievable goal. “Used correctly, mental strength is the most powerful tool we have,” she told me. “Applying basic principles and practising them, as with any other training, will achieve results. As your coach, I am your partner, working with you to achieve the success you desire, personally or professionally.”

One of the fields that Tracy works in is improving sports performance. The NLP technique known as Sportsmind involves private coaching sessions, which provide easy techniques for sports people of all ages and abilities to improve their performance. “Even as a club tennis player or social golfer, it makes sense to incorporate psychological skills as well as technical skills,” she said. “Focus can be your best friend or worst enemy! Coaching shows you how to make it your friend.”

All Tracy’s consultations are completely confidential and cost 45 euros per session (approx. 60 min). For a consultation please call Barringtons on 289 396 622.