Think before you drive

news: Think before you drive

A ROAD safety campaign entitled ‘Pense Antes de Conduzir’ (think before you drive) will be presented at the car parks of Continente shopping centre in Portimão on October 21, and AlgarveShopping in Guia on October 22, from 10am to 6pm.

The campaign features information about road safety, a free vehicle inspection and tyre assessment, information about the use of seatbelts and demonstrations of the correct positioning and placement of child car seats. The face of the campaign is Jordan driver, Tiago Monteira, spearheading an initiative which hopes to save lives on the roads.

The golden rules of road safety being highlighted are the following:

1. Children must travel in a child car seat

2. Always wear a seatbelt

3. Wear head protection

4. Check the state of tyres

“Around 3,000 people die on the roads everyday worldwide. We could all do something to avoid these unnecessary deaths and injuries. The campaign ‘Pense Antes de Conduzir’ promotes simple rules for road safety, which, if followed, could help each driver feel safer on the road,” says Monteira.

The campaign was launched at the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix and now, over the next three years, the campaign will be spread across Europe and throughout the world. As well as the road shows, millions of leaflets including road safety measures have been produced by Bridgestone.

Accident simulators with seatbelts have been provided by the FIA Foundation and will be on display at Bridgestone stands, at the majority of European Formula One events and at major car dealerships. Millions of tyre gauges, which measure tyre pressure, will also be distributed free to the public at campaign events, car clubs and Formula One races.

The campaign is set to span the whole of Portugal.