Thieves who led police to railtrack deaths receive light sentences

Two young thieves who led almost equally as young policemen to their deaths on rail tracks near Bobadela last month have both been served with “light sentences” even though they are known to be “well on the way to lives of crime”.

Neither Sacko Cilá, 19, nor Ivandro Borges, 17, were in court to hear their sentences. Both have been missing since they were released from police custody.

The nation’s press carried this story two weeks ago after PSP agents João Rainho, 26 and Ricardo Santos, 23, were mown down by the high-speed Lisbon-Porto Intercidades 25, travelling at 150kph, as they pursued Cilá, Borges and an accomplice after the trio were found trying to break into a nearby house.

Cilá and Borges were subsequently arrested, detained and then ‘freed’ on their own recognisance by a Loures court.

Both men have since ‘disappeared’ – failing to be in touch with their lawyers, failing to meet the terms of their bail conditions and failing to appear in any subsequent court appearance.

Indeed newspapers reporting on the final ‘verdict’ write that the young men’s lawyers do not even know where their clients are.

News of the verdict will thus take its time to reach them. Cilá was condemned to seven months jail, suspended, while Borges received nine months, to be served over a total of 54 weekends.