Thieves target village bank

TWO ARMED men robbed a bank in Alte, Loulé, last Wednesday, making off with an undisclosed amount of money.

The pair made their move at 11am on October 10 when there were no customers on the premises.

Bank staff said their faces were disguised and one had a gun, while the other was carrying a knife. Their accents were said to be Brazilian and once they had the money, they fled the scene on foot.

More crime

Moments before the robbery, an armoured van was parked outside the bank, which police believe led the pair to choose that moment to strike as they may have assumed a large sum of money had just been deposited.

The robbery occurred on the same day as state pensions were paid out to the elderly and many were unable to draw their pensions that day as a result of the robbery.

Many of the local residents believe that this incident has illustrated the need to expand the resources and manpower of the local GNR.

Crime in the area has increased in recent years, according to business owners but there have been few changes in security.

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