Thieves rob Carvoeiro villa while English tourists are home

THREE YOUTHS entered a villa in the Monte Carvoeiro tourist development, in the western Algarve last week, stealing money, jewellery and cameras while English holidaymakers, Russell and Charlotte Beach, along with their baby daughter, were upstairs.

It is alleged that the thieves entered the premises through the front door, which was closed but not locked. They apparently went into the kitchen first, before entering the master bedroom, where the cameras were placed. The trio appear to have made their escape using the window in the bedroom – as it was wide open when Charlotte Beach entered the room to discover the crime scene.

With brazen confidence, the same youths allegedly tried to rob another house near the first, in Mato Serrão only an hour later but were apparently caught in the act by tourists. Four English holidaymakers chased the group out and down the road, where after half a kilometre, one of the boys was caught. The other two managed to escape by hiding in surrounding undergrowth, and despite a thorough search of the area by the GNR, they were not apprehended.

The 18-year-old boy who was arrested maintained his innocence, despite being found in possession of four necklaces and five bracelets, some of which were stuffed into his  socks!

Mr and Mrs Beach said they were “saddened” by the events, but also commented that the area they were staying was lovely and that this type of crime could happen anywhere.