Thief makes off with 57,000 euros in Albufeira

A masked gunman assaulted two employees of a Marrachinho supermarket in Estrada Santa Eulália, Albufeira, last Monday, robbing them of 57,000 euros. The staff members, a woman and young man, were only metres away from the bank, where they intended to deposit the money for the supermarket, when they were attacked at around 2.30pm.

The money, as usual, was being carried in a plastic supermarket carrier bag with the logo of Marrachinho on it. This daily ritual involved a 60 metre walk past busy restaurants and businesses. The assailant jumped out from behind a palm tree, grabbing the arm of one of the workers, and, according to the GNR, is believed to have shouted: “Let go of the bag now, or I will shoot you.” The employee obeyed and the gunman fled down a pedestrianised street.

The assailant is described as being tall and thin, with a native Portuguese accent. The GNR were contacted and the two staff members proceeded to the station to be interviewed. The GNR say that it is probable that the robbery was premeditated.