There’s everything to play for

There’s everything to play for

This week’s Cameron Cup competition took place on Tuesday, November 12, a beautiful day for all.

Valverde held five points from Alvor who won one point; Albufeira took all six points from Balaia; as did Floresta from Pedras; Tavira were the resting team this week.

These results keep Floresta at the top of the table for this competition on 14 points, with Valverde chasing closely behind on 11 points, followed by Tavira and Albufeira on 10 points each. Next week is the fourth game and the half-way mark in this competition, so everything to play for.

Super 10’s game was on Thursday, November 14, which began with strong winds making the day very cold, and then the rain arrived, but we continued through the shower which passed fairly quickly.

Alvor won two points from Pedras who won six points; Albufeira took all eight points from Tavira; with Valverde and Balaia sharing the points, four each; Floresta were the resting team this week.

Valverde are at the top of the table for this competition with 20 points, Pedras are closing in on the top slot with 18 points, with both Floresta and Balaia chasing on 16 points each.

Saturday, November 16 was the League games. The weather had calmed down again and it was bright and sunny. In League ‘A’, Floresta Foresters took all eight points from Alvor Amigos; Pedras Panthers took six points from Albufeira Cats who won two points; Tavira Tigers won six points from Valverde Vikings who won two points; whilst Balaia Pods won three points from Alvor Rooks who won five points.

The Table for League ‘A’ sees the top three teams vying for position, changing with each week. Floresta Foresters are now at the top holding 26 points, whilst Albufeira Cats and Tavira Tigers are next with 22 points each.

In League ‘B’, Valverde Vipers took two points from Balaia Whalers who won six points; Alvor Scorpions won all eight points from Floresta Huntsman; as did Alvor Greens from Floresta Rangers, whilst Valverde Vulcans were the resting team this week in this league.

Valverde Vulcans (the resting team this week) are cementing their lead in the table for this league on 22 points; Floresta Rangers and Alvor Greens are both holding 16 points.

Twenty-five percent through the League fixtures, so plenty of time for things to change for everyone.