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There is much to learn

By: Margaret Brown

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IT IS MORE than 10 years since Bible Study classes were started by the Reverend David Heal when he was Assistant Chaplain to St. Vincent’s in Luz.

These were held in a small apartment overlooking the Bay and were well attended. Being a Christian by association rather than conviction and having been married in church, it seemed as good a time as any to investigate further.

My knowledge was minimal and I had an attitude problem brought on by ignorance. The rest of the students were ahead of me, felt comfortable reading from the Bible and easy when discussing the contents: one lesson was enough and I decided not to go again. But I did and began to seek answers to questions I had been afraid to ask. The skies didn’t fall in, civilised discussions followed and there was laughter, explanations, and the discovery that other people were beset by doubt from time to time.

Priests have come and gone but each has given us unique and slightly different teachings on both Old and New Testaments. Some in our group were lifetime Christians, a few were looking for a little of what the others had that gave them peace and serenity, and one or two knew everything in the nicest possible way.

Having come full circle with the return of the Reverend David and Pam his wife, who are here as Locum for a month, once again we are on a path of discovery: travelling with gratitude and hope after the life changing sorrows and joys of Easter. In 50 days we shall be celebrating Pentecost, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon Christ’s apostles and the founding of the Christian Church. There is much to learn.

Bible Study at 11am in Luz, call 282 788 361 for directions.