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There are jobs in the Algarve

Dear Editor,

I am responding to a letter from a reader in your recent issue of the Algarve Resident. The UK reader was talking about the difficulty in getting a job in the Algarve.

There are job opportunities in the Algarve particularly in the summer months. You would be very fortunate to be offered a job in one country whilst you are living in the other.

So to be in with a real chance of getting a job in the Algarve, you really need to be in the country to apply. Jobs are advertised in English newspapers and Algarve websites dedicated to English readers.  

However, probably most jobs are through getting to know people and getting involved in the community and letting people know your skills, your availability and that you live here.  

Jobs are filled quickly through personal recommendations. In the meantime, the best skill you can bring with you is learning the Portuguese language. This will open up a lot more job opportunities and doors for you, especially with you then being able to apply for the jobs advertised in the Portuguese newspapers. Good luck!


Central Algarve