Theatre to reopen

After being closed for four years following three years of refurbishment works and its official inauguration in September 2005, Silves’ historic Gregório Mascarenhas theatre is soon to reopen.

A spokesman from Silves Câmara said that the lengthy closure of the facility was due to “the absence of a fire curtain, as well as some faults which meant that repairs had to be carried out” (see the Algarve Resident edition, June 22, 2007).

According to Silves Câmara, the company that carried out the original works was having financial difficulty, which led to a new company having to be found. “The new company is currently working on the repairs and has guaranteed to the Câmara that the theatre will reopen very soon,” added the spokesman.

The theatre celebrated its centenary anniversary on July 24, which the Câmara is hoping to mark with a variety of events, starting with an archaeological exhibition, once it reopens.

The theatre was originally built by businessman Gregório Mascarenhas, who was linked to the cork industry, and was first inaugurated on July 24 1909. The theatre has seating for 430 people and cost nearly 1.8 million euros to restore.