Theatre: Almost everyone has a motive! But who is the killer?

In the Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group’s production of Deadly Nightcap, author Francis Durbridge gives us a heady cocktail of deceived wife, treacherous husband, compliant lover and handsome inspector, all served with an abundance of twists, turns and red herrings!

The wealthy Sarah Radford and husband Jack appear to be a happy and affectionate couple until Jack’s plot to murder his wife and inherit all is revealed. A plot that goes devastatingly wrong! Cue dramatic music…..

Enter the charming Inspector Cliff Jordan, a man of insight and perception. But will his investigative skill be distracted by his attraction to the main suspect? Almost everyone has a motive for murder, but who is the real killer and why? A theatrical twist at the end will reveal all. Cue even more dramatic music….

“Finishing touches are being made to the set and the actors are in their final rehearsals,” said David Butler-Cole, the show’s veteran director who is directing his 15th show for the Algarveans, and that is in addition to the shows he has written, adapted or appeared in.

“Since my wife Sue and I have lived in the Algarve, drama has been a big part of our lives and we have made many lifelong friends through local theatre,” added David.

David and Sue also work tirelessly for local charities such as Castelo do Sonhos, a charity for underprivileged local people based in Silves, and recently he wrote the screenplay for the film The Right Juice that won a number of international awards last year.

“David and Sue are two of our most active members and quite frankly have more energy than a lot of us younger members,” said Algarveans’ group chairperson Melanie Winstanley. “I do not know what we would do without them.”

Performances take place at the Lagoa Auditorium on June 17, 18 and 19 at 8pm. Tickets at €10 can be purchased via email at [email protected] or by calling the following phone numbers 913 723 611, 282 496 635, 914 668 323 or in person at the theatre during their normal opening hours.

Photo: David Butler-Cole is directing his 15th show for the Algarveans