The worst company in Portugal

The worst company in Portugal

Sadly, I have to agree with your correspondent Susan Kelly’s critical comments about Portugal Telecom (The Resident, February 17) – their service is unprofessional and uncaring towards customers.

In January 2005, I purchased a SAPO ADSL internet package from their shop in Lagos, but it did not work, so I took it back. They would not accept it on the grounds that it was the product of another division called Telepack and I would have to phone their helpline. I spent many hours on the phone trying to resolve the problem about this product and was charged for all these calls. Typically, I would be passed from one person to another, put on hold while taped music was played and, after five minutes of this, the line would go dead! Their helpline staff did not have sufficient product knowledge and did not have adequate training.

The saga continued most of 2005. The software was changed, but the system still did not work. The modem was changed and still the system did not work. I paid for a computer specialist to make a home visit and his conclusion was that there was a line fault. PT were informed and their technician visited and advised that my house was too far from the exchange for ADSL to work. My investigation found that ADSL should work within a five kilometre radius of the exchange, so I measured the distance from my house and it was only 2.3 kilometres. Finally, they made some modification to my line within the exchange and the system worked, but only for two days each week. On the other days, the line was completely dead, no phone, fax or internet service.

Finally, in late October, the system worked beautifully for about three weeks, then it went completely dead. It took a month to discover the reason, which was that PT had disconnected the service although I was 60 euros in credit. They claimed that a competitor named ONINET had informed them that I was now their client, and without any reference to me to seek confirmation they disconnected my service. I had not even heard of this company and had certainly not signed a contract with them for an ADSL service. It took another month to get reconnected and I still don’t know if my credit balance has been transferred across to my new account. They haven’t replied to letters, even though I have submitted them in Portuguese, through their Lagos office.

At the moment, PT are the subject of a take over bid. I just pray that it is successful, otherwise they will remain the worst company it has ever been my misfortune to come into contact with.

John Brian Tuttle, Budens, Vila do Bispo