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The Woods


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The Woods by Harlan Coben is out in paperback at 12 euros.

Four teenagers at summer camp walked into the woods at night 20 years ago. Two were found murdered and the others were never seen again.

Four families had their lives changed forever but two decades later, they are about to change again.

For Paul Copeland, the county prosecutor of Essex, New Jersey, grief at the loss of his sister has only recently begun to subside.

Cope, as he is known, is now dealing with raising his six-year-old daughter alone after his wife died of cancer.

When a homicide victim is found with evidence linking him to Cope, his family secrets are threatened.

Cope has to confront so much he left behind that summer 20 years ago and many hidden secrets.

Harlan Coben delivers his unique mix of powerful characters, lightning pace and twists in a stunning new novel about family, lost secrets and mistakes that can haunt a life forever.