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The windows of the soul

THERE ARE many issues that The Resident has been considering and one is, does Madeleine have an accent?

With a Scottish father and a mother from Liverpool it is fair to believe that she may have some delightful intonation in her voice.

This may help people to recognise her for, in the short term, her accent would not alter.

Another realistic hope for the recognition and safe return of Madeleine McCann to her anguished parents is her distinctive right eye.

Much has been talked of the opportunities to alter Madeleine’s appearance – for example, cutting her hair. But nothing can be done to alter the way in which Madeleine’s pupil runs into her green/ blue iris.

This opportunity to readily identify Madeleine may not be as simple as we would hope. She may be encouraged to wear sunglasses or a sunhat which would cast a shadow and make identification difficult.

And many people now feel uncomfortable looking at young children for fear of being challenged by caring and protective parents, but if you find yourself in the right situation, you should not be concerned about looking in to the eyes of children you see.

Remember, Madeleine could be dressed in boy’s clothing now, but her eyes will be the same – not just the windows to her soul, but the windows to her safe return.

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