The weekend weather

FAVOURABLE TEMPERATURES are expected this weekend in the Algarve, although the nights will be significantly colder with strong winds on both days.

There should be some moderate cloud cover but there is little chance of rain and daytime temperatures are expected to remain in the high teens. There will, however, be strong north easterly winds in the Eastern Algarve.

Temperatures in the west, near Sagres, will be favourable with highs of 17°C and 14°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. However, temperatures are expected to dip 11°C on Saturday night and to 8°C on Sunday night.

Towards the east, in Faro, temperatures will be much the same as in the west, with highs of 17°C and 14°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Temperatures are likely to dip to around 11°C on Saturday night and also 8°C on Sunday evening. There is little chance of rain over the course of the weekend and the clouds are expected to disperse on Sunday to set you up for dry sunny weather.

There will be strong winds blowing down from the north east and ocean temperatures will be 17°C, on both Saturday and Sunday. The wind is likely to agitate the ocean somewhat; especially in the in the east of the Algarve, near Faro, where waves could reach two metres high on both days.

Looking to the coming week, temperatures are likely to be consistently warm throughout the week, staying at an average high of 19°C and low of 11°C.

However, showers are expected on Thursday and there is a good chance of clouds towards the end of the week although temperatures will be relatively unaffected.