The weeekend weather

FAVOURABLE TEMPERATURES are expected this weekend in the Algarve, although the nights will be cooler.

The weather will be sunny on Saturday throughout the region. However, Sunday is expected to be fairly cloudy with a chance of rain and daytime temperatures are expected to remain in the mid teens.

Temperatures in the west, around Sagres, will be favourable with highs of 15°C and 16°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

However, temperatures could dip to 8°C tomorrow (Saturday) night but evening temperatures on Sunday may rise to 11°C.

Towards the east, in Faro, temperatures will be much the same as in the west, with highs of 15°C and 16°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

There is little change in terms of temperature over the course of the weekend but there may be fog in places in the mornings. The sun promises to disperse fog and set you up for warmer weather on Saturday.

There will be a moderate wind blowing down from the north and ocean temperatures will be 17°C, on Saturday and Sunday. The wind is likely to agitate the ocean somewhat; especially in the in the northwest of the Algarve, by Vila do Bispo and Aljezur, where waves could reach 3.5 metres with an ocean temperature of 16°C.

Meanwhile, on the south coast, there will be two metre waves around the Faro area and ocean temperatures of 17°C.

Looking to the coming week, temperatures are likely to become warmer towards the end of the week, reaching an average high of 19°C and low of 10°C. However, clouds are expected to dominate from Wednesday onwards and there is a good chance of rain throughout the week.