The weather this weekend

IT WILL be slightly cloudy across the Algarve this Saturday (November 10), with moderate cloud cover on Sunday (November 11) but temperatures will remain above 20°C for most of the weekend across the region.

Temperatures in the west, around Sagres, will be favourable with highs of 21°C and 19°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. However, temperatures could dip to 13°C at night.

Towards the east, temperatures will be slightly more favourable around Faro, with highs of 23°C and 19°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Temperatures are likely to dip to around 16°C on both days.

There will be a zero per cent chance of rain on Saturday but forecasters predict a 10 per cent chance of rain on Sunday across the Algarve. A moderate easterly wind will cool ocean temperatures to 20°C and there will be one metre high waves and 1.5 metre high waves in the northwest of the Algarve, by Vila do Bispo and Aljezur, with an ocean temperature of 19°C.

Looking to the coming week, temperatures are likely to be consistent throughout the week and even into the weekend, with highs of 21°C and lows of around 13°C. Monday will be mostly cloudy and forecasters predict that as the week progresses, temperatures are likely to drop as rain is expected on Friday and Saturday.