The weather this coming week

Rain is expected across the Algarve tomorrow and on Sunday, with the heaviest showers predicted for Saturday, while a mixture of sunshine and cloud is expected on Sunday.

Temperatures will be average across the region but strong winds will make it seem cooler than it is.

In the west towards Sagres cloud cover is predicted all day Saturday and Sunday morning with the heaviest downpours between midday and 6pm, while on Sunday it is predicted to be dry in the morning before lighter rain falls at lunchtime between midday and 3pm.

Temperatures in the west will reach highs of 15°C on Saturday and 14°C on Sunday, while in the evenings temperatures will drop to a cool feeling 6°C on Saturday before rising to 12°C on Sunday.

In the east towards Faro the weather will be very similar to that in the west with heavy rain expected early on Saturday between 9am and midday and light rain for the remainder of Saturday.

On Sunday, the best of the weather will be in the morning although light rain is predicted for the entire day.

Temperatures will reach highs of 14°C on Saturday and on Sunday with lows of 9°C on Saturday and 10°C Sunday.

All weekend the wind will be from the south east with average to high speeds in the east towards Faro.

Wind speeds will be strongest on Sunday afternoon, with gusts up to 43 kilometres per hour and average speeds of 30 kilometres per hour.

In the west towards Sagres the wind will also be from the south east all weekend with wind speeds averaging 30 kilometres per hour on Saturday but will be stronger on Sunday with averages around 34 kilometres per hour and gusts up to 43 kilometres per hour.

Ocean temperatures across the Algarve are set to remain at 16°C all weekend in the east towards Faro and will be slightly cooler in the west at 15°C.

Wave heights will average 1.3 metres in the west on Saturday peaking around 6pm at a height of 1.5 metres while on Sunday the average wave height will be similar with averages of 1.5 metres.

In the east towards Faro the wave heights will be lower with waves peaking at 1.2 metres in height on Saturday and on Sunday.

Looking to the coming week, temperatures in the east towards Faro are to average highs of 16°C with lows of 11°C.

Rain is predicted for the whole week with chances of sunshine on Thursday.

Towards the west and Sagres rain is also predicted for the entire week with the best of the weather expected on Thursday.  Temperatures will be similar to the east with average highs of 15°C and lows of 13°C.