The weather in the Algarve this weekend

FAVOURABLE TEMPERATURES are expected in the Algarve this weekend although clouds and rain showers will cover the whole region on Sunday, with strong winds.

There is expected to be cloud cover with some sun shining between rain showers with temperatures in the mid teens. There will however be more cloud cover and frequent showers towards the east on Saturday. Temperatures in the east, towards Faro will have highs of between 15 °C and 16°C throughout the weekend. In the evenings, temperatures could dip to 10°C tomorrow (Saturday) night, but rise on Sunday evening to 12°C.

Towards the west, in Sagres, temperatures will vary throughout the weekend, with highs of 14°C and 16°C on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Temperatures are likely to dip to 11°C on Saturday night but the following evening will rise to a more favourable 14°C. Although the skies will be fairly sunny on Saturday, it is likely to rain in the western Algarve throughout Sunday.

Light south westerly winds will be blowing across the region and ocean temperatures will be 17°C and 16°C, on Saturday. On Sunday, there will be strong westerly winds blowing in the east and strong south easterly winds in the western Algarve.

The wind is likely to agitate the ocean in the western Algarve, where waves could reach three meters in height on both days. Wave height is expected to remain at around one metre in height in the Faro area throughout the weekend.

Looking to the coming week, temperatures are likely to be consistently warm, staying at an average high of 18°C and low of 11°C. Clouds are expected to disappear at the start of the week with only sunny skies from Tuesday onwards. There is a good chance that temperatures will continue to raise to highs of 20°C by the end of the week.