The water and you

news: The water and you

Newborn babies are taught skills that stay with them all their lives. Children taught early are safer, too, because they learn to respect and enjoy the water, not fear it. Their cardio-vascular systems are strengthened by regular immersions and their development on land is mirrored by their skills in water. Research has shown that babies tend to sleep better, walk earlier and are generally fitter than children who do not swim.

Unfortunately, though, there are still too many children drowning. No child is ever drown-proof, but, with proper training, toddlers at least have a better chance of survival in the event of accidental submersion. Disabled youngsters are completely at ease in the water and swimming is one activity that can be enjoyed by people suffering from all levels of disability.

If you missed your swimming lessons at school or were scared stiff by an experience in the water, you will know how frustrating it is to sit and watch your family and friends enjoy themselves in the pool. You can change all that by plucking up the courage to take lessons. The life change you crave is just a phone call away!

So if you would like to learn a new skill or discuss it further first, please call Yvonne Fisher on 917 953 914 or Jardim das Dunas on 282 792 721 and start enjoying a new life! The classes are held in an indoor, saltwater pool, heated to 30 degrees, with facilities for the disabled, and safe entry and exit points for the very young.

Pictures supplied by Jardim das Dunas