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The Voca People invade Portugal

The Voca People are coming to Portugal to perform at Coliseu do Porto on March 19 and 20 and at Casino de Lisboa from March 22 to March 27.

The Voca People is an international vocal theatre performance that combines vocal sounds and a capella singing with the art of modern beat-box which imitates the sounds of drums, trumpets, guitars and other instruments and musical effects without using any musical instrument on stage.

The show gathers eight friendly people that enter in the skin of aliens from the planet Voca, a musical planet that has no verbal communication but use vocal expressions only.

They have heard the music from earth for decades now and with their imitation abilities they have decided to pay a one evening tribute to humanity and to perform the songs they love as musical- gratitude.

The Voca People is an ensemble of eight talented musician-actors. Three female singers that bring the very best female sounds (alt, mezzo, soprano) and three male singers (bass, baritone, tenor). In addition there are two beat box artists that create extraordinary human beat box sounds and are considered to be the best performers in their field.

This innovative performance is one of the only acts in the world that combines singers and beat box performers to bring an entire orchestra without any musical instruments.

Tickets can be bought at www.ticketline.pt