The untraditional version

news: The untraditional version

WHEN GLYN LEWIS, head teacher at the International Preparatory School (IPS) in Lisbon, took to the stage of the Eunice Muñoz municipal auditorium in Oeiras last week, very few of the visitors knew what to expect. But as The Resident found out later, many of the parents of the performing students had lived and breathed this show for many a long evening.

This was to be a tale of a prince searching for happiness…or was it love? The IPS drama club proudly presented “A Charming Night for a Charming Knight”. If your sides were not aching by the end of this presentation, then you must have lost the art of laughing for it was fun from beginning to end. The students were enjoying every minute of the presentation and so were the proud parents and grandparents in the audience.

Surfing dwarves, witchy women, muscular lumberjacks, barbers and beauticians, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk and pigs were all included in this hilarious presentation. Glyn Lewis was right when he said that this was the IPS at its best! The night’s play and music were written by the talented Kevin Bowskill. Bob Hughes